Green Coffee Bean – Is It Really Beneficial In Weight Loss?

There’s good news in the world of health enthusiasts! Recent research and green coffee bean free trials have discovered that there is a link between unroasted green coffee bean and significant weight loss. One particular study showed overweight individuals lost a considerable amount of weight and body fat in a short amount of time when they consumed green coffee supplements daily.

This exciting new information comes from a university in Scranton Pennsylvania. They conducted this study that involved sixteen men and women who were overweight or obese. In these study, the subjects took lower doses of this supplement, higher doses or placebos thirty minutes before a meal three times a day. This took place over a period of twenty-two weeks.

On average the participants of the study lost between fifteen and eighteen pounds and 16 percent of their body fat, without changing their diets or exercise regimens throughout the trial. This is extremely important because the subjects’ daily intake exceeded 2000 calories. It is pointed out to us that consuming this natural remedy in capsule form did not show one negative side effect.

The reason the green coffee bean is so helpful is not the caffeine they contain, but their chlorogenic acid. This substance blocks fat, absorbs carbohydrates and regulates your blood-sugar levels. Therefore it helps to boost the weight loss processes of your body.

Another study that was performed on this chlorogenic acid (also known as CGA) took a sampling of one hundred women giving some of them CGA and some of them placebos. Like the participants of the first study, they did not change their dietary habits or exercise routines during this study. After two weeks, the subjects who took the placebos lost one pound on average and the ones who took the actual CGA lost around two pounds. None of these studies were huge, but it definitely appears that they support the belief CGA help with weight loss.

The beneficial effects of green coffee beans can be attributed to the chlorogenic acid, however it is not present in roasted coffee beans. The roasting process breaks down the acid and takes away the properties of this fat incinerator. The green coffee bean extracts needs to be consumed in pure form if you want the advantages that it brings. A potential problem is that many of the green coffee bean supplements you can find on today’s market are not 100% pure so be sure to check the label in order to get the full effect of these miraculous capsules.